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____________Open Space, Open Systems - Vienna
____________CAA 2011 Conference, New York
____________Forum Stadtpark, Graz
____________Symposium, Istanbul
____________lungomare, Bozen/Bolzano
____________Metropolis Biennale 2007-17, Copenhagen
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Why we left the village and came back

location: Shropshire - UK


17 Nov 06 - 20 Jan 07
A Shrewsbury Museum and Gallery and mediamaker project
Shrewsbury SY1 1QH, Shropshire UK

An exhibition and events programme that looks at the rural environment as a space for contemporary art practice. The two months programme explores the rural environment as a place for art production, a new socio-cultural place and a space for critical reflection. The project is devised by the artist collective myvillages.org on invitation by Shrewsbury Museum and Gallery, with the aim to explore curatorial strategies for the rural space.

17 Nov 06 - 20 Jan 07, Shrewsbury Museum, Belmont Arts Centre, Music Hall Gallery and Old Market Hall
The exhibition and film programme is set across the four Mediamaker sites, and shows individual projects within their rural setting, e.g. Antje Schiffers' at the Music Hall Gallery describes her exchange based project called I like being a farmer and would like to stay one. She is asking farmers to make a video about themselves that talks about being a farmer today, and in return she produces an oil painting of their farm.

17 Nov 06 - 20 Jan 07, venues across Shrewsbury and Shropshire
At the chore of the events programme is Bibliobox (BBBox), a travelling archive set up by myvillages.org (Wapke Feenstra). BBBox started in October 2005 with its accompanying website launched in June 2006. BBBox is a purpose built container with documentation and information about contextual art projects in the rural environment. BBBox travels to rural places as an information tool and communicator for existing participatory and contextual art projects, and as a catalyst for discussion about contemporary cultural production in the rural environment. The box contains a wide range of films, audio-pieces and printed material, currently containing 56 art projects from 10 different countries. BBBox travels the art periphery, collecting experience and knowledge that is specific to the rural environment and regards its audiences as potential project partners.
During its stay in Shrewsbury the BBBox will travel to a number of public and semipublic spaces, such as local pubs, other cultural organisations and private studios.

myvillages.org is initiated by the artists Kathrin Böhm (D/UK), Wapke Feenstra (NL) and Antje Schiffers (D) and registered as a International Stichting in the Netherlands. Current members of the board are Claudia Büttner (Curator, kunstprojekte_riem, Munich), Nathalie Castilla Serrano Houtermans (Curator, Mixtura, Rotterdam) and Gavin Wade (Artist-Curator, London).

The aim of myvillages.org is to initiate discussion and practice-based projects, which address the notion of village within contemporary cultural discourse and development. As an umbrella organisation myvillages.org will initiate and host various projects, which look at particular issues or areas. Each project will have its own programming/managing and advisory board. More about my villages.org




+ Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen
+ Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri
+ atelier d'architecture autogérée (aaa)
+ Asya Filippova
+ Sophie Hope and Sarah Carrington
+ Branca Curcic
+ Christoph Schaefer
+ Campement Urbain
+ Claudia Zanfi
+ Despoina Sevasti and Poka-Yio
+ Erden Kosova
+ Helmut Batista


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